Our clients say

that we perceive their businesses as our own
and transform ideas into efficient digital solutions.

We can’t help but agree!

Harold Helm – CEO and Co-Founder, Marketing Matters LLC


So how do we do it?

It Should be Simple and Straightforward!

That’s why we’ve packaged our offers into 3 tier packages, each designed to give you exactly what you need and fits your budget.

And here’s the COOL part: you can upgrade at any time, and you will only be charged the difference between tiers!

Welcome to your Website!

Our entry-level package is packed with everything you need to get your business noticed online.

  • Main landing page including all the information your need to make your business visible online.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization, making you visible in the areas where you’re offering your services.
  • Contacting form system, sending any requests your visitors might have directly to your email.
  • Newsletter collection form, gathering emails from everyone interested in your newsletter feed (articles, news, offers etc.)
  • Blog page for all your articles, news, offers.
  • Social media connection, allowing you to show off those cool photos or catchy posts.
*Domain name and hosting package purchased separately

Ready to start Selling?

The internet is your biggest market, making you accessible to literally everyone nowadays. Our Business Web Package comes packed with all the features in the Start-up Web Package and more:

  • E-commerce solution integrated, allowing you to keep stock, create and manage products, sell, create and fulfill orders, set pricing, etc.).
  • Emailing engine, sending order confirmations and customer corespondence.
  • Coupon system, allowing you to generate coupons for sales or gratuities.
  • Newsletter integration with your store, allowing you to send follow up emails and upselling your products to customers.
  • Reporting tool for your store in your website dashboard, Google Analytics integration, giving you hands on knowledge about your visitors and customers.
  • Social Media integration with your website.
*Domain name and hosting package purchased separately

Sky's the limit!

Welcome to the world of REAL business. Get ready for your business to start making some real money. Our Corporate Web Package comes packed with all the features in the Business Web Package and more:

  • Facebook Messenger direct chat on your website (customers texts go straight to your Messenger inbox, where you can set up auto-responders and filter through requests).
  • Auto-newsletter with your latest blog articles to be sent out at desired intervals.
  • Automated shipping labels through USPS, charged directly to the customer on purchase and printable from the dashboard of your website, detailed packaging options for your products.
  • Internal CRM for your e-commerce store, with information about orders, customers, sales, integrated into your website.
*Domain name and hosting package purchased separately

**All our packages include assets (images, music, videos) to which we offer a non-exclusive, commercial, worldwide revocable license to use these items for one Single Use for your project. All our packages include Graphic Design services in order to create or edit these assets to better suit your needs. All our packages are compatible with our Optional Services, which work as paid add-ons to your purchase.

Make it Work & Make it Last!

Our website add-ons work as a low-cost monthly fee that includes social media management for all your accounts and website maintenance on-going updates to your content. To put it short, you get a programmer ready to change, fix, post, manage your community, or create ad campaigns for you.