Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for SEO?

Facebook Pages are increasingly becoming a “second home page” for businesses online.  Facebook has recently created many new opportunities for Pages to get more traffic through the tried and true – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Facebook continues to align their advertising endeavors with SEO methodologies, which in turn opens additional methods and processes for you to further your business reach.  Below we have laid out 6 proven processes that will increase your likes and followers, which is necessary to promote your brand, services and/or products.

1. Page Name is Everything!

The name of your Facebook Business Page is the first thing to ponder when optimizing your Facebook page for SEO.  For reference, we are not referring to your “username” often referred to as your distinct URL.

You should choose a name that represents your business. This could be the name of your business and the service you offer. Selecting a generic name with terms like Football or Marketing will only serve to thwart your efforts of reaching your prospective customers.

If possible, the name should contain a few keywords that represent your business, for example, our page is called Marketing Matters. We used keywords within our name, this creates are brand and it helps our customers remember who we are.  Search Engines look at the first word within your Name, so again, very important when deciding how you want to be branded, found and identified.

2. Create a custom Facebook Business Page URL

Facebook allows you to choose your vanity URL. A good URL makes it easy for customers to find your business page on Facebook which improves Facebook marketing. You should personalize your URL to include your brand name. This strengthens your brand recognition and makes your URL easy to remember.

Simply go to your Facebook page About section, you’ll find your Username.  Click the Edit to change your Business Page Username.

Note:  Ensuring your brand name, handle and page URL are all aligned will improve your SEO.  As search engine’s algorithms change, their ability to crawl social media sites improves.  When your formal content aligns with your brand name, URL and nickname, this give your page more consistency and credibility.

3. Use keywords purposefully on your Facebook page

Keyword optimization is very critical for social media marketing. You can optimize your Facebook Business Page for SEO by placing Keywords in strategic areas of your page. This improved your ability to be found in the top 10 search results. Some of the essential areas to use keywords include; your Title page, URL, and the ‘About Us’ section.

Just like in other SEO practices, your page title will act as your Meta Title Tag and your description on the ‘About Us’ will be the Meta description tag. Ensure you do not overuse the Keywords and keep your description short and relevant.

You can also attract more relevant users to your page by using keywords in your Facebook content. Remember search engines think like you, so write while keeping in mind properly placed keywords should be naturally place and relevant to the reader.

4. Optimize your Status Updates for SEO

Facebook gives you an option that says  “Write a post…” when sharing photo and images on your Facebook. Whatever you write in this section your status updates serves as the meta description. Since Facebook remembers the first 18 characters of your status updates, make sure you optimize this description. You can do this by adding Keywords as well as adding a link to your business website.

5. Backlink to your fan page

Google view sites that have many quality inbound links as authority sites. Such sites rank better in search results. This applies to Facebook business pages. You should, therefore, ensure you have a number of quality backlinks to your fan page. This links can be from your other Social media sites, blogs or even your business website.

6. Update your business info

Your business information allows social media users to locate your business. Besides, it enables indexing for local searches which assists in growing your Facebook page followers.

Your business info should include phone numbers, address, business category, company overview, products, and working hours. You can add links and keywords in your business info as its essential for google searches.


The primary objective of Facebook Pages is to connect your business to prospective customers. It is therefore fundamental to make your business Facebook personable and customize it to entice the audience that you want. Following the strategies above will benefit your business page to be effective and successful in meeting your business ambitions.

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