"Why Marketing Matters? As an entrepreneur, with over 30 years’ experience in sales, promotion and marketing in the professional sports, television and the telecommunication industry, I relocated to Houston, Texas in 2012 after losing everything. I literally had to start over with less than $100 in my pocket. Having a business owners mind set I was introduced to the Multi-Level Marketing industry and quickly became a leading motivational speaker and mentor to thousands.

It was in the spring of 2013 after speaking at the world-famous Pearl at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas that I recognized a problem in the industry. Out of all my hard work, training and motivational speaking, only a small percentage of my team was able to achieve my level of success. Why? Most people are not born with a gift to speak in front of others or the ability to professionally present their products, services or ideas with confidence. And this problem is not just limited to the MLM industry but extends to all sectors of social interaction, from the small business owner to the Fortune 500 company, even to religious or political ideologies.

Hence, from this problem a solution was envisioned. After a few years of trials and test, in 2016 I used new emerging mobile marketing technology in an MLM company I was involved in. At just over six weeks I recruited and developed so many successful entrepreneurs that I broke all previous records. From this success Marketing Matters was born. Strategically aligning Marketing Matters with a powerfully talented international programming team our 1st Generation product, FFNPRO, a mobile smart app, was introduced in 2017.

What started as an idea has now become the vision and has now grown beyond just the MMS+ product line. Marketing Matters can now develop, build, and maintain custom smart apps, websites, social media marketing, SEO and practically any IT product or service need for its customers. Marketing Matters is poised to become the “Next Big Thing” in the technology sector and as C.E.O. I am constantly working with my partners and team members to keep us ahead of the competition. And remember “When Marketing Matters, we don’t use business cards we use Technology!”."

Harold Helm - CEO Marketing Matters Services LLC

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