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What is Data Aggregation and How Does It Benefit Your Businesses?

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Every business relies on data analysis to achieve success, which can have a positive impact on many different aspects of a business and in numerous fields.

Data Aggregators and the Local Search Ecosystem

Local search ecosystems rely on data, from search engines to social media platforms to in-car navigation systems to mobile apps. Nonetheless, how can you assist local businesses in ensuring their business data is available across the multitude of publishing platforms that are rapidly growing? What are the best ways to maintain accuracy across so many different platforms, apps, and applications?

Your online presence can be maximized with data aggregators and you can connect with local customers relevant to your services. You can boost your rankings using Direction Local today by building local citations.  With our listing management solution, you can access data from aggregators

What Are Data Aggregators?

Search engines, directory websites, review sites, apps, and other publishers use data aggregators to collect, clean, and distribute name, address, and phone number (NAP) information.

As data aggregators provide access to a substantial database of accurate business information, search engines and other providers will benefit greatly.  A number of platforms, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing, and others, utilize data aggregators to provide users with precise listing details.


When visiting a business, a search engine user experiences a deep sense of frustration when the business is closed.  How about a navigation system that directs you to a store… a store that has recently relocated? Having reliable data sources and using an aggregator is crucial to addressing these issues.

What are Some Benefits of Data Aggregators for the Business Itself?

We are constantly inundated with a wide variety of information. We are often unaware of it. Data aggregation is a special sort of information mining. A few important things must be done to get the job done: First, search for needed data:


  • Collect the discovered information
  • Format the data into some sort of report
  • Restructure or abbreviate it to suit a particular business goal.

There are important benefits of manual citation building that are pretty straightforward:


  • Time – Manually adding citations to hundreds of platforms is a considerable task. It is not the wisest use of your resources.
  • Accuracy – There will be some errors along the way in adding each listing.
  • Discovery – Because businesses must be accessible to potential customers, citation building can make this happen.


An analysis of the Big 4 data aggregators

Below are four data aggregators within our data amplifier network. These services are data amplifiers, as a single submission leads to syndication to hundreds of additional sources.

Data Axle (formerly Infogroup) collects information for companies and provides tools and ongoing solutions to local businesses nationwide. They are primarily concerned with acquiring and retaining customers, improving services, and gathering information to improve performance.

Localeze has partnered with local leading directories, mobile apps, search engines, and other platforms. Over 100 platforms accept listing information from small and large businesses using True Identity. In order to avoid data discrepancies, all business updates are delivered simultaneously to all platforms in the network.

Foursquare is a highly trusted, location-based social network with over 55M integrations, including Apple, Samsung, Facebook, and Twitter. Users may retrieve details on local businesses, receive recommendations, or check in to locations publicly. With 70M+ recommendations & over 7B check-ins to local businesses, the Foursquare network delivers accurate data to voice assistants, mapping apps, social media platforms, and more.

With its comprehensive database of data indexes and over 38 languages, Dataprovider.com lets users search for businesses by keyword. In contrast to other search engines, Data Provider provides you with all the results on page one Business details and technical specifications are included in 200 unique variables in the listings.  Aside from its large directory, dataprovider.com also delivers near-real-time updates.

Data Aggregator Services

Data Aggregator Services agencies and marketers submit clients’ location data with our data amplifier network. Access our data aggregator, enhancer, and accelerator partners from a single dashboard.


Be sure to request a demo today to learn how Data Aggregator Services can help your business.


Marketing Matters Services focuses on data amplifier networks including a critical component: data aggregators.


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