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  • An easy-to-use dashboard with built-in analytics

  • Mobile-friendly location pages optimized for local search

  • A locator map to help customers find nearby locations

  • Easily add custom content, reviews, photos and coupons to individual location pages

Two locations or two thousand, we’ve got you covered!

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    Manage multiple locations from a central dashboard

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    Add a store locator to clients’ websites with a single line of code

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    Generate SEO-optimized landing pages

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    Improve each locations visibility in local search results

    Our proprietary Location Landing Pages technologies, is a web application that helps multi-location brands and businesses connect with local customers. The application makes it easy to add a store locator map to a brand’s website, while the dashboard gives business owners complete control over creating the landing pages.Unlike similar products, our Advice Locator Pages was designed by local search experts to create SEO-optimized landing pages that perform well in search results. That means you’ll see better results, faster.

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    Top Reasons Local Businesses Choose Us

    Take control of all your online data

    Take control of all your online data

    Easily update and edit business information across the web

    Easily update and edit business information across the web

    Bulk upload available

    Bulk upload available

    Robust reporting per location

    Robust reporting per location

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    Local Verticals Product Features

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    Own Login Credentials to All Listings

    We won’t hold your login credentials hostage. You have full access to any listing we create. Even if you leave, you’ll be in complete control and will maintain ownership of all listing logins.

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    Easily Update and Edit Business Information

    If you need to update details on any given location, don’t worry about entering that information dozens of times. Just update it once in the dashboard, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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