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Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses That Will Survive the Recession at its worst

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Many SEO sites are talking about the impact the recession will have on agencies or local marketers.

 There will be clients who cancel services, put services on hold, or reduce their monthly budgets. Clients are preparing for a decline in business and want to make sure they have enough cash in the bank to get them through this crucial time.

There will be other clients who are persistent – and they will likely push your agency even harder.  It is natural for them to want to make sure that every penny they spend on local marketing is worth it.  No matter how strong or how weak the economy is, this is a good business sense.

What can you do during this time to make sure your clients are satisfied?

Marketing Strategies

Make sure local marketing budgets are allocated appropriately by:

 In the 2021 Local Ranking Factors survey, Google Business Profile (GBP) represents 36% of the factors. This is an issue you cannot ignore.

In addition to high-quality images, updated product information, and special offers, make sure your GBP includes questions and answers.  Make sure you’re staying relevant with frequent GBP Posts in the knowledge panel.

A new LGBTQ+ attribute has been added to the GBP.  You can add other attributes to your clients’ GBPs at this time by auditing their GBPs.

  • Location Pages for Local Businesses

Reviews, location pages, and Local Business Schema are all important for a business’s organic search visibility.

Your clients should include a map, key products and services, location information, and a clearly defined call to action on their websites.  When it comes to search results, proximity, relevance, and prominence determine the placement of the company. When it comes to search results, proximity, relevance, and prominence determine the placement of the company.

Having consistent NAP data across all listings will prevent all your hard work from going to waste.  What’s the most efficient way to do this? Use a business listing management solution that reaches as many directories as possible to get the most bang for your buck.    We provide listings management solutions for the most important directories, data aggregators, mapping apps, and more.

When you’re providing information, you must rely on credible sources so that platforms will trust it. This is how amplification works. By doing a small amount of upfront work, you can really benefit your local business customers.

  • Don’t Forget Hyperlocal Sites Like; Nextdoor

The article on Streetfight about the economic recession is very interesting.  It tells how leveraging sites like Nextdoor, Judy’s Book, and BubbleLife.  Also, Advice Local can help local businesses gain greater online visibility

During the height of COVID shopping local was all the rage. This trend has weakened a bit, but it may experience a new burst of enthusiasm if the recession deepens.

  • Tracking Results Is Imperative

Ensure that your clients grasp how you can benefit them by ensuring the website has Google Analytics installed.  Set up goals and reports with tools that are available in your partner dashboard such as the Progress Report.

Be sure to include UTMs if you are only providing one aspect of a client’s marketing. These short strings of text let you pinpoint traffic sources to precisely determine your efforts’ outcomes. Include UTMs in your results so you can accurately distinguish them from the results achieved by other marketing companies working for the client.

It’s imperative to secure access to the Google Analytics data for your clients if you don’t have direct access. If you don’t know how to navigate and interpret Google Analytics data, either get help from someone who does or take some training.

Surviving the Economic Slowdown

Businesses, agencies, and local marketers will all face difficulties during a recession. However, some will likely prosper as a result of the changing economic climate. As always, work with clients to deliver excellent results on time and on budget. A recession is not a sign of panic, but rather a signal to make changes. Using the tools at your disposal, generate new methods to deliver even more.

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Local marketing has been helping local marketers and agencies streamline their marketing operations for years. During an economic downturn, it is important to make the most of available resources. Try our business listings management solution, GBP Sync, Google Authority Score, and other powerful tools for yourself—request a demo


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