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Multi-Location Brands

Whether you have 2, 5, or 800 locations, our technology won’t crack under pressure.

Multi-Location Brands & Franchises can follow these
three simple steps to expand their local visibility

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Check your online visibility per location

Each of your brand’s locations will have a different online visibility. Easily monitor which locations are thriving and which ones need a little more TLC.
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Order local presence management solutions

For each location that needs a local visibility boost, simply order one of our packages to help it gain the local visibility it needs.
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Monitor progress per location

Your locations are going to progress at different speeds, so if some are taking a little longer than others to shine, we have the services to give them the extra boost.
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See Your Local Visibility Score

Simply fill out the fields to run a local visibility scan.

    Top Reasons Local Businesses Choose Us

    Take control of all your online data

    Take control of all your online data

    Easily update and edit business information across the web

    Easily update and edit business information across the web

    Bulk upload available

    Bulk upload available

    Robust reporting per location

    Robust reporting per location

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    Local Verticals Product Features

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    Own Login Credentials to All Listings

    We won’t hold your login credentials hostage. You have full access to any listing we create. Even if you leave, you’ll be in complete control and will maintain ownership of all listing logins.

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    Easily Update and Edit Business Information

    If you need to update details on any given location, don’t worry about entering that information dozens of times. Just update it once in the dashboard, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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