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Our entry-level package is packed with everything you need to get your business noticed online. And whenever you’re ready for the next level, you can simply upgrade to a higher tier, you’ll only pay the difference!


Welcome to your NEW online presence. Your website is often your first contact with your potential customers. It needs to be clear, concise, modern, and most importantly, it needs to do the job: offer the information you want to pass to the people you want to pass it to. We understand all beginnings are hard, so we’ve decided to create a lightweight and low-cost package equipped with everything you or your business needs to get you started. You will receive:
  • Main landing page including all the information your need to make your business visible online, to whom it needs to be made visible to
  • Local Search Engine Optimization, making you visible in the areas where you’re offering your services
  • Contacting form system, sending any requests your visitors might have directly to your email
  • Newsletter collection form, gathering emails from everyone interested in your newsletter feed (articles, news, offers etc.)
  • Blog page for all your articles, news, offers
  • Social media connection, allowing you to show off those cool photos or catchy posts and start building a community, not just a bunch of customers

Technical Information

You wouldn’t be here if technology was your second nature, but then again, you need to know what we’re offering, so here’s a simplified technical information sheet for our product:
  • Your website will be built using a platform called WordPress, version 5.x or higher
  • Our experts will offer their best skills to make sure we deliver a premium quality build to you.
  • Websites require a domain name, which is the address where it can be found by the internet (e.g., and a hosting package, where all the code and the database attached to your website resides physically.  The domain name or the hosting package are NOT included in this package, but we will assist you in getting the correct technically-required package for the best price available, using our partner network
  • Your website will be mobile-friendly, optimized for display on small screens, but also retina ready, packed with high-resolution images, vectors, icons, and videos.
  • We only use premium stock images with a license to use for your project, so you’ll never have to worry about any copyright infringements.

Terms, Info & Conditions

We want to make sure your experience here is as pleasant and eye-opening as possible, so here are a couple of bits of information that might help you in making a decision:


  • You can pay for our packages either in full or with a 50% downpayment.
  • In case you decide to go for a full payment, we offer a 5% discount on the cost of the package. In order to receive your discount, use the code PAIDINFULL when checking out.
  • In case you decide to go for a 50% downpayment, you will be charged the second, final payment on project completion when you will also receive full credentials to your website.
  • Your product will be completed within a 30-day window from the initial agreement date and will be considered completed when the finalized product contains all the elements described in this product’s description, which is considered as an S.O.W. for the project.
  • Should the timeline of the project be delayed, due to no fault of our company (e.g. the customer delays sending assets, images, information they want to have on the website), we will charge the remaining 50%  within 10 days after that term has expired, in order to cover development and functioning cost. Our company will then continue to work with you in order to deliver the finalized product.
  • Should you decide within a window of 6 months from delivery that you wish to upgrade to a higher tier package of web development, you will only have to pay the upgrade cost for that purchase. e.g. if you paid $1500 for the Start-Up plan and wish to upgrade to Business, you will only pay the price difference ($3000 – $1500 = $1500). This will be a payment in full, and there will be no possibility to pay as a downpayment & final payment.

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