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Get to Know the Marketing Matters Services Voice App Technology

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With our solution, you can easily manage a business’ content on voice assistant devices powered by Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

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Create, deploy and manage the voice experience for your clients’ businesses with a few clicks. Retain total control of the app and experience.

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Easily maintain the voice app content via a conversational content management system and make updates in real time.

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Statista reports 3.25 billion voice assistants are in use today. By 2023, this will be 8 billion. Every business needs a voice app solution!

The Marketing Matters Services Way

Our 100% white-label partner solution now includes creating voice apps for businesses and brands. Getting local businesses found online is what we do best in desktop, mobile and voice search, too. Your agency is going to love this solution – and so will your small business clients.

Create Voice Apps in an Instant – How It Works

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Get Started Is Easy

We use a hybrid approach to local listing management . This means that we use a combination of APIs and manual submissions to claim, create and optimize business listings. As data partners with many of the directories in our Data Amplifier Network, submitting and modifying citations and listings is simple, fast and in real time. A Real-Time Data Syndication Engine powers our technology.

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Answer the Voice App Questions

While our technology creates questions and answers to the most common questions, your clients are counting on you to customize the experience. Completing the sections such as the Welcome Message creates the voice app experience to help your client’s business stand out. Working through these questions guarantees a positive app experience.

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It’s Real Time and Real Fast

Once you’re finished, you can click it to submit it. Voice app approvals expected in 3 days or less. Making updates is simple too – you’ll be able to make edits in real time. Want to add another custom question or edit one? It happens in real time, too.

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Marketing Matters Services Voice Conversational Solution

Help your clients’ local businesses get more visibility on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Google Home starting today! And it’s all available through our easy-to-use visual web interface for marketers.

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100% White-Label Partner Solution

Being the preferred partner solution doesn’t happen overnight. Voice apps for small businesses is just one of the many voice optimization features we offer partners.

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The Power of Voice Search Is Available at Your Fingertips

Being a Marketing Matters Services partner brings many perks. With the addition of our voice app technology, you can ensure your clients are getting found when and where it counts the most. Here’s a few ways we’ve got you covered.

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Listing Management

Our data syndication engine distributes your clients’ business data to the top directories and data aggregators in real time. These sources ensure your clients get found in desktop and mobile searches.

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Voice Search Readiness

Our first-of-its-kind Voice Search Readiness Score helps you to know how findable your clients are in the voice devices. With a “ready” or “not ready” score, you’ll know in an instant just how they are doing.

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Judy’s Book Voice Pages

We include a premium listing on Judy’s Book with every active business, and now that it’s voice-powered with Local Business, Review, FAQ & Speakable Schema, businesses are even more findable via voice.

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Voice Apps for Small Businesses

Creating voice apps for businesses has never been easier. Platform partners can get started with a few clicks. Simply select the active business in our technology you would like to create the app for.

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Google has over 90% of the search engine market share worldwide. The technology giant has been consistently growing since its launch, going from an average of 18 million searches per day in 2000 to an average of 5 billion searches per day in 2018! Google My Business is one of Google’s signature products. The business listing is shown to an average of 236 million users in the United States – an incomparable reach.